Our Story

Minds-in-Motion began with a powerful idea: that learners of all ages shouldn’t be limited by a diagnosis, a label, a grade, or a score.

This idea was the brainchild of Candace Meyer, a dedicated reading specialist who’d been helping children for more than 40 years. As she worked with students who were struggling to read at the appropriate level, Candace began to notice a pattern.

Many of these students had bad posture, trouble balancing, a lack of rhythm and timing, poor eye-focusing ability, and trouble visually tracking objects. These children also struggled with basic motor skills, reading skills, and math skills, and all of them seemed to be lacking a dominant hand or side of the body.

Candace knew that these consistent behaviors had to indicate a connection that pointed of the core of the problem, and she made an important discovery.

She realized that by strengthening the vestibular system, she could help individuals struggling with learning, behavior, movement, speech, and play.

Once Candace discovered this important link, she set out to find others who had learned the same thing. As it turns out, she was in great company. Candace’s exploration led her to collaborate with doctors from California and Oregon to Canada and England. She then discovered that NASA was actively using technology to strengthen the inner ears of astronauts, and that technology was an important step in Candace developing a revolutionary program to ignite young minds. NASA used this CPP device to measure the prolonged effects of weightlessness on the brain, more specifically the inner-ear or vestibular (balance) functionality of astronauts. NASA saw how disruption of the inner-ear function impacted the lives of their astronauts upon return.

Candace began using this clinical device originally invented for NASA called Computerized Platform Posturography (CPP), and spent years travelling with this device from school to school, state to state, measuring and quantifying the balance (inner-ear functionality) of children of all ages.

Candace brought together:

  • Years of teaching reading experience
  • Personal research on brain functions
  • Seminars and collaborations with leading experts
  • Scientific data from NASA machines
  • ALL to create a comprehensive, advanced development program.

This revolutionary program is Minds-in-Motion, and it integrates the brain and body, emphasizing the physiological link between learning and moving.

The Passion of Helping Children

Candace Meyer is extremely passionate about her program, and thanks to her, an end to the pervasive “learning dilemma” is in sight through a doable, relatively easy to implement, child-friendly, cost effective program that works miracles right before our eyes.