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Minds-In-Motion® provides help to those with challenges in their learning, behavior, movement, speech, and play by strengthening and balancing the vestibular systemvestibular systemThe sensory system that provides the leading contribution to balance and spatial orientation for the purpose of coordinating movement.

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Our research-validated program is designed to stimulate visual processing, auditory processing, and motor skills. The outcome? A better integrated and balanced individual who performs better in school, in a job, or at home. Development specialists work closely with individuals as they engage in hands-on group learning and explore four rooms, each dedicated to nurturing a different skill set.

Technology Lab

This room is a hallmark of our program! Within this room the use of proprietary high-tech equipment stimulates and strengthens: the sense of balance, muscle tonality, bone density, rhythmic and timing movements, auditory perception, visual tracking and focus, one's center of gravity.

Balance Room

The myriad balancing activities in this room: develop full-body coordination, increase auditory discrimination, expand visual-focused attention, cultivate precise balance, build up cognitive processing speeds.

Computer Lab

This lab houses the Academy of Reading and the Academy of Math, both award-winning academic intervention solutions. Based on neuro-science research and more than 30 years of classroom efficacy for thousands of students, these computer programs provide a rich set of web-based tools for intensive training in reading and in math. These programs work hand-in-glove with our Minds-in-Motion protocols to develop automaticity of skills in the brain.

Developmental Gymnasium

Our Developmental Gymnasium helps each student: build gross motor skills, develop core muscles, build gravitational security, work on brain / body laterality, increase motor planning abilities, develop enriched auditory processing, and so much more!
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Sam 9 3rd

Sam entered Minds-in-Motion being very clumsy, getting dizzy and nauseated when on the spinning boards, and with poor over-all muscle tonality. Sam’s father was worried about his social skills and his inability to make friends; plus Sam was starting to fall behind in his schoolwork and no longer liked to go to school.

Sam’s father was thrilled with Sam’s results after the Minds-in-Motion program. He was able to see a huge improvement in Sam’s muscle tone and coordination. Sam was already expressing desire to get into a sport, now that his eye-hand coordination was better. Teachers at Sam’s school had noticed Sam being able to look them in the eye more and appearing to be more self-confident.

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