On-Site Two Day Training (at your site)

It’s our goal to help equip you with the understanding and resources you need to implement our methods. In this training session, we’ll visit you on-site in order to better understand the needs of your classroom and program.

On the On-Site Two Day Training Agenda

Our On-Site Two Day Training consists of two full days of learning and developing plans for putting our methods into action. During this training session, we will cover:

  • What Minds-in-Motion looks like and how it’s different from other movement programs
  • Important clinical data that overwhelmingly backs our methods
  • Video examples of sensory/motor Mazes at various schools
  • Minds-in-Motion Maze protocols
  • How to implement a sensory/motor Maze in your school
  • Ideas to enhance your Minds-in-Motion Maze
  • How to perform learning assessments used by Minds-in-Motion, including documenting the sensory/motor issues of the students and keeping data to track gains

For more information about our On-Site Two Day Training, contact us.