What We Do For Adults

Minds-in-Motion has created a specialized program for adults, which facilitates and bolsters cognitive performance no matter how old you are. Thanks to our extensive research and work with children, we have found the key to creating and maintaining a strong vestibular system. Our specialized program for adults allows you to benefit from specialized brain technologies and neuroscience, strengthening and revitalizing your cognitive performance and more.

Our protocols are like aerobics for your mind and body. By increasing balance, core strength, and motor planning, you can also increase 
your visual and auditory processing abilities. We begin with an initial assessment with concrete measurements and testing to accurately evaluate your cognitive strengths today. This process allows us to specifically design a program that will have the most positive impact for you.

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Programs for Adults

Adult programs consist of balance training, core strength development, auditory therapy, and vestibular circuit training. Each specialized segment is designed to increase the functioning of the inner ear and specific cranial nerves. The outcome of this program is increased brain processing speeds, attention span, and stamina. Click below to learn more about our Adult Classes (18+).