What We Do

We don’t believe in labels. We believe in potential.

Labels are the world’s way of trying to put individuals into categories. But what good are they doing for children? Many times, labels can do their part to make personal challenges more difficult.

At Minds-in-Motion, we leave labels at the door.

We’ve worked with hundreds of students with every diagnosis under the sun. We believe that spurring physiological development in children leads to measurable gains academically, socially, behaviorally, and athletically. That means that no matter what label your child has been given, our programs – based on decades of scientific research and understanding of the way children learn – can help.

Did you know that…

  • Poor balance and coordination ability of the brain and body contribute to ADD and ADHD symptoms.
  • Weak sensory and motor systems affect a student’s ability to comprehend, pay attention, and have successful hand-eye coordination.
  • Poor eye-focusing ability, and the eyes having trouble following objects or tracking, dramatically impact a child’s ability to read.
  • There are numerous other challenges critically tied to the brain’s ability to stabilize and maintain balance.
  • The vestibular system is at the core of everything your child does.

Our clinical assessment helps us uncover the underlying physiological reasons your child is struggling. We specifically test the sensory and motor function, which opens a world of understanding about the way your child’s brain is currently organized. We then work out a specific program to better integrate the brain. Over time, you’ll see your child’s challenges decrease as improvement takes hold.