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Level One Maze Training at our Louisville Center

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Level Two Maze Training at our Louisville Center

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Open to anyone, Minds-in-Motion offers both Level One & Level Two training.

The goal of this LEVEL ONE training is to equip participants with the breadth of understanding to implement our program with a focus on Elementary age children.


Level One Training is 2 full days of Professional Development and includes the Maze Handbook. During this seminar we will cover:

  • The basis of Minds-in-Motion, what it looks like, and how it differs from other “movement programs”
  • An overview of the foundational research and data on which our program is based
  • Specific environmental and social changes in the past 2 generations contributing to classroom struggles
  • Comparative examples of Maze implementation at other institutions
  • Ideas to Enhance your Minds-in-Motion Maze
  • How to know your Maze is working – Pre & post assessment training, data tracking and documentation
  • How to identify students in your classroom who are in need of a more intensive program

[In Level 1 training, educators can earn 6 CRUs or 12 PGPs for their license. The cost of this 2-day training is $795.]


Open to graduates of the Level One Training, the goal of this training is to more fully equip participants with an even greater breadth of understanding to help expand the use of our program.

Level Two Training is one full day of Professional Development and is available to individuals who have completed Level One training. During this seminar we will cover:

  • How to climb to a higher level of frequency, intensity, and duration with your Minds-in-Motion Pre-school, Elementary or Middle School/High School Mind Maze
  • Comparative examples of institutions who have implemented a higher level Maze program
  • How to integrate a sensory-motor lab into your institution after Minds-in-Motion Maze implementation
  • Additional assessment tools to quantify program results
  • Hands-on training for advanced balance board activities

[In Level 2 training, educators can earn 3 CRUs or 6 PGPs for their license. The cost of this 1-day training is $395.]

Thank you for your interest in Minds-in-Motion Training & becoming part of our movement to help children by unlocking potential and changing lives – not temporarily – but for a lifetime!

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