Upcoming Virtual Parent Information Sessions

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Join us via ZOOM at 7:00pm EDT to learn more about our program

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You will feel at home in our Minds-in-Motion center. This comfort comes from seeing first-hand the professionalism of our caring staff.

Here are the TOP 6 Reasons to participate:

  1. Hear more details of the compelling story behind Minds-in-Motion
  2. See the clinical data that validates our transformational program
  3. Take a tour of our state-of-the-art facility
  4. Learn firsthand the focused purpose of each room and how each piece of equipment is vital for increasing your child’s abilities
  5. Try out several of the key pieces of equipment for yourself to better your understanding
  6. Enjoy the benefit of sharing Minds-in-Motion with your children, giving them an idea of the program that awaits

You will quickly begin to understand how incredibly powerful the Minds-in-Motion program is as you try out the same equipment used by NASA and realize astronauts are being trained on just such machines.

You will also understand how so many hundreds of students in central Indiana and Northeastern Kentucky, and those who made arrangements to come from other states, have benefited tremendously with our Minds-in-Motion intensive program.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing time with you and your family.


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