Minds-In-Motion’s successful partnership with the United Way of Elkhart, IN

See Inside Our School Program

Please check out this video!

The awesome folks of the United Way of Elkhart IN demonstrate the impact of our program!

It warms & energizes our hearts as we take off on a new year of training educators, parents & working hands-on with wonderful students needing a boost to reach their potential!

Here’s a little background:
Darren Bickel helped to develop a video to showcase how the United Way of Elkhart is helping to change lives through the Minds-in-Motion activities.

Teachers, students, parents, and superintendents were interviewed to help explain just how Minds-in-Motion has impacted their lives.

The United Way Partnership Started 10 Years Ago!
Several years ago, Candace Meyer, founder of Minds-in-Motion, was invited to Elkhart, IN, close to Notre Dame University, to train early childhood teachers in Minds-in-Motion protocols.

After several schools began showing documented improvements in their students throughout the school year – the Minds-in-Motion school program took off!

According to Darren Bickel, then Vice President of Community Investment for the United Way of Elkhart County, it was clear that Minds-in-Motion was making valuable changes in students’ lives. As a result, the United Way was motivated to get the program in more schools.

Competitive grants of $1000 were donated by the United Way to encourage more schools – plus more training opportunities with Minds-in-Motion were coordinated by the United Way.

At this time, over 52 area schools, including pre-schools, middle schools, and even community centers, are now participating in Minds-in-Motion exercises daily in Elkhart County. It seems to be the Minds-in-Motion capital of the world!

We are so excited about this video!

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