Thankful Mother Shares Progress of Her 11 Year Old

Exciting Improvements

An Indianapolis Mother, with an 11 year old adopted daughter in her ninth week of the MiM program, shared the following with us:

“She loves to draw for the first time ever!!  She is now learning cursive and it is beautiful.  Her printing was always very messy.

Just today, she started complaining that her eyes hurt.  I had let you know she would often skip words when reading out loud. She now seems to read more fluently.

She is able to sit and carry on deeper conversations now. It’s like she is becoming more insightful and is asking deeper more spiritual questions.

One thing that I still hope for is that she will stop the mindless constant chatter. Sometimes she just talks and talks for no apparent reason. I hope and pray it will stop soon. [Candace: Yes, in time that will change as well. :)]

Thank you SO much for all you do for the kids! You are an angel!”

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