Stated Problems

  • Poor social skills
  • Likes to make LOUD noises – yells a lot!
  • Very poor handwriting
  • Trouble with academics
  • Never knows his boundaries
  • Does not interact well with other kids his age
  • Bed wetter

Medical History

  • On medication for ADHD
  • Tubes in both ears when 3 years old
  • Unable to walk flat footed (toe walker)


In the beginning, Travis had difficulty with social skills, balance and physical agility along with being below grade level for the 6th grade.  The parents admitted they originally had their doubts regarding the Minds-in-Motion program, because they had tried so many programs with no success!  During weeks 3-5 of the program, Travis had some escalating behaviors such as talking back, not listening and aggression towards adults.

After Minds-in-Motion’s 10-week after-school program, Travis’s motor strength and balance increased dramatically. His auditory discrimination and visual processing improved significantly. His reading comprehension increased from 3.9 to 5.9…a solid 2 year gain!


Travis’s mother happily reported after the Minds-in-Motion program:

    • He has stopped wetting the bed which was a big issue for his self-esteem because he could not go to sleepovers or campouts.
    • Travis has learned how to ride a bike and not only to ride a bike but to ride on a BMX Track and do bike tricks!
    • He has made several friends at school and has had them over to our house to play.
    • Travis’s MAP testing at school put him at above grade level in both reading and math.
    • He laughs and makes jokes and is just a joy to be around whereas before he was perpetually in a bad mood and never smiled.

The parents feel that MIM has made a connection to create an inner peace for Travis.

Through harbored anger towards adults from early deprivation (he was adopted), he was finally letting go of this anger…thanks to Minds-in-Motion.

Travis's Integration Quotient™

Sensory / Motor Continuum


*Pre Minds in Motion

*Post Minds in Motion