Stated Problems

  • Hates reading
  • Writes letters backwards
  • Messy eater
  • Poor motor skills
  • Picky eater - NO meat!
  • Highly sensitive to clothing (and criticism!)

Medical History

  • No unusual medical history


Sam entered Minds-in-Motion being very clumsy, getting dizzy and nauseated when on the spinning boards, and with poor over-all muscle tonality. Sam’s father was worried about his social skills and his inability to make friends; plus Sam was starting to fall behind in his schoolwork and no longer liked to go to school.

Sam’s eyes (visual perception) and his ears (auditory perception) increased substantially during Minds-in-Motion’s 10-week after-school program. His eye tracking went from 0% to 60%! His reading comprehension increased from 4.4 to 5.6…a solid grade-level gain. Sam’s muscle tonality really improved which allowed him to be more coordinated and less clumsy.


Sam’s father was thrilled with Sam’s results after the Minds-in-Motion program. He was able to see a huge improvement in Sam’s muscle tone and coordination. Sam was already expressing desire to get into a sport, now that his eye-hand coordination was better. Teachers at Sam’s school had noticed Sam being able to look them in the eye more and appearing to be more self-confident. His picky eating was even improving, plus his appetite was really starting to grow. And he no longer got car-sick on long rides!

Sam loved coming to the Minds-in-Motion Center and expressed to his father that the team of teachers at MIM had a deep level of caring for him and all the other students.

Sam’s father was ready to “go on the road” to tell as many parents as possible about his son’s achievements from Minds-in-Motion.

Sam's Integration Quotient™

Sensory / Motor Continuum


*Pre Minds in Motion

*Post Minds in Motion