Stated Problems

  • Hyperactivity
  • Social Issues
  • Gets highly aggravated when playing with peers
  • Trouble paying attention
  • Can't sit still
  • Trouble finishing school work
  • Eats poorly

Medical History

  • No history of ear infections
  • No medical issues


Jonathan was an intelligent little boy, entering first grade already reading at a 2.4 grade level and gifted in artistic drawing. He had had a terrible time in Kindergarten paying attention, getting his work finished, and trying to stay out of trouble. He talked very loudly in every social setting, over reacted in most situations, and broke into frustrated tears many times a day.

After a 4 week summer intensive of Minds-in-Motion, Jonathan was a much happier acting child. He now had an “inside” voice level and his eating habits changed dramatically. Three weeks into the program, his mother reported that he had even started liking raw broccoli! Jonathan could now go upside down and backwards without panicking. His daily “melt-downs” had almost disappeared!


Because of MiM’s vestibular integration, Jonathan’s gravitational insecurity almost became rectified. His bilateral coordination increased substantially as did his sustained agility. His somersaults increased from 2 to 18 in a row! Jonathan’s visual skills improved measurably as did his auditory processing. His eye-hand coordination improved remarkably. MiM teachers noted that Jonathan had improved greatly in interacting positively with the other children in the class. Mother remarked that Jonathan now seemed ready to tackle first grade!

Jonathan's Integration Quotient™

Sensory / Motor Continuum


*Pre Minds in Motion

*Post Minds in Motion