Stated Problems

  • Clumsy & Awkward
  • Falling frequently
  • Adds and/or omits words when reading
  • Always anxious
  • Parents say he was "socially blind"

Medical History

  • Asperger's/Autism diagnosed in 2011
  • Severe allergies
  • On medication for ADHD


Brian entered Minds-in-Motion always chewing the pads of his fingers and his fingernails. He acted scared of the unknown and was always on “high alert”. Parents reported that he was always twirling and spinning at home and at night was a very restless sleeper.

After Minds-in-Motion’s summer intensive program, Brian’s auditory processing increased nicely. Because the muscles around his eyes were greatly strengthened, his Binocular Integration (ability to see in 3D) increased from 78% to 95%! His Sensory / Motor dominances all re-organized to the Right side making Brian’s brain & body more balanced.


All in all, Brian became much less anxious. His coordination improved. He stopped chewing on his fingers and was able to settle down at home. His eye-tracking became stronger so he is “not afraid of flying insects anymore!” The parents are in awe of Brian’s progress in only 4 weeks!

Brian's Integration Quotient™

Sensory / Motor Continuum


*Pre Minds in Motion

*Post Minds in Motion