Real Results: A Principal’s Testimony

We Get Serious Results

I’ll start with a fabulous example…Last quarter, we staged a full blown lockdown and evacuation drill.

Picture this: The entire school exiting the front doors and walking down the block to a local church, walking into the pews, taking their ID cards, and sitting quietly waiting for further directions.

Each and every student walked single file, straight line, hands to themselves…no running, pushing ahead, falling, spinning, talking, etc…all the usual things you would expect to see with a mass exodus…well we, here at CCUS, turned to each other and stated a simple 3 word phrase (that has become a habit around here), “Minds in Motion!”

Truly, the town crime watch committee even commented on the incredible organization and self-control that each child displayed!!! WOW!! That would not have been the case 3 years ago!!!!

AND, we see stories like that every day…the number of discipline referrals to my office has dropped to nearly non-existent. If kiddos DO show up in my office…they usually have to take a MIM break…with me! Students have learned to take, ‘mind minutes’ for themselves.

The halls are filled with orderly skipping, dancing, moving in some way or another…and ways that students have themselves invented. We have added math facts, number counting (by 2’s, 3’s etc), ABC’s and any number of academic necessities to our movements (Minds-in-Motion Protocols).

This morning, we hosted a Cincinnati school to talk to them about our reading program…well, as usual; we credited Minds in Motion for the incredible amount of self-directedness that these folks observed in our students.

And, student engagement has soared since we implemented MIM…and we keep raising the bar with it!! It is serious business around here…no messing around with MIM…because we get serious RESULTS!!

In short, I would never lead another school without MIM! It fact, it would be the very first practice that I would put into place. It has changed the way we do business!!

– Maureen McDonough, Principal,
College Corner Union Elementary School

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