Overcoming Labels

Labels Don’t Provide Results

If your child has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD or CAPD or one of the many diagnoses prevalent in today’s world – You have watched your child struggle.

If your child has been diagnosed with a “label” – You and your child have likely been through a multitude of tests to determine “what is wrong.”

If the advice that accompanied your child’s “label” isn’t working – You need to know there is hope. There is Minds-in-Motion.


We Leave Labels at the Door

At Minds-in-Motion, we recognize that diagnoses and labels can be subjective and may ultimately be wrong. We also recognize labels can be counter-productive for the child who wears this label. It may even contribute to his or her challenges.

For this reason, we leave labels at the door!

Why? Because Minds-in-Motion has worked with hundreds of students with every diagnosis under the sun. We know our program can help your child no matter the label.

Explaining we can help your child no matter the label is based upon our scientific and clinical research – and successful applications – that have demonstrated a common physiological link between children with the various labels.

It Starts with Understanding
Minds-in-Motion is passionate about first identifying what is going on in the mind of your child – and then working out a specific program to better integrate the brain. Your child’s challenges decrease as improvement takes hold.

With our clinical assessment we will show you the underlying physiological reasons your child is struggling. We specifically test the sensory and motor function of your child which opens a world of understanding as to how your child’s brain is currently organized.


We can show you…

  • Poor balance and coordination ability of the brain/body contribute to ADD and ADHD symptoms
  • Weak sensory and motor systems affect a student’s ability to comprehend, pay attention, and have successful eye-hand coordination
  • Poor eye-focusing ability, and the eyes having trouble following objects or tracking, dramatically impact a child’s ability to read
  • There are numerous other challenges critically tied to the brain’s ability to stabilize and maintain balance


Results Focused
Minds-in-Motion is here to make real, lasting, and life changing results for your child and for your family.

You know results are everything! And by balancing your child’s brain and body to a higher level, Minds-in-Motion gets results.


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