Too Much Screen Time for American Students

Come Back to Re-Tone & Re-build this Summer!

A father called us last week wondering why his son, who went through Minds-in-Motion 4 years ago…

is starting to struggle terribly now in the 6th grade.

.While his son:

  • Is enrolled in a prestigious private school
  • Has teachers who know his intelligence
  • Has been doing great academically & socially for the past four years.

NOW his family wonders why he is falling behind in school.

Why is he showing signs of frustration, anxiety, and poor self-control?

With some additional conversation, father admits his son in the past 2 years has really been “playing on the computer and game-boy” extensively…whereas in the past he was allowed little screen time.

Minds-in-Motion predicts his son has signs of CVS (computer vision syndrome).

LEARN MORE about Computer Vision Syndrome.

We worked with his family and had son come in for updated assessment to compare his visual/auditory functioning to his past records.

Assessment Results:

Even though his visual tracking has improved to 78% and he is now reading at 10.2 grade level, his focusing ability has fallen to 3% out of 100% and his Depth Perception has fallen to only 37%!!

Also, his auditory processing has decreased to a score of 5.1.

A score of 5.1 means that he can now only process and have recall of 5 numbers or pieces of information, instead of the 7 or 8 that he should be able to remember & recall.

Assessment Conclusion:

This 12-year-old boy is struggling mightily because his visual and auditory processing has become too weak to support him in school!

The motor muscles of his eyes and the two tiniest muscles of his body (in his middle ear) have become untoned because of too much 2-dimensional stimulation through overuse of screen-time and not enough 3-dimensional stimulation through the vestibular system!

So he physiologically cannot focus or pay attention even though he wants to!!

Plan of Action:

His parents are signing him up for this summer’s June Minds-in-Motion session.

And they plan to cut down the amount of time spent on screen time!

His routine has led to a need to stimulate his visual processing & auditory processing.

The summer’s outcome will be a better integrated & balanced child – who will return to his high performance in school & at home.


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