Minds-in-Motion Students (6-18 year olds)

Unlock Your Child’s Potential this Winter!

Sessions Run 10- Weeks:
November 26 – February 15

~ Sessions are 3 times a week ~
Monday – Wednesday – Friday

1.5 hr & 2 hr Sessions:
Start times: 3:30 or 4:00pm

* Please contact us for specific holiday schedules.

What This Program Includes:

The Minds-in-Motion is an individualized program that assesses students then provides specially designed and trade-marked protocols to integrate the brain and body for maximized potential. MIM is designed to stimulate the balance, visual and auditory processes of the brain by building strong neural pathways that are vital for academic, social, emotional and athletic success.

We Offer Sessions Throughout the Year:

A recommended Minds-in-Motion session duration is 10 weeks during the school year, meeting three times per week. (More intensive sessions available for summer.) Sessions are 1-hour or 2-hours depending on the age of the child.

Our program cost ranges from $33 to $45 per hour. Intensive Summer Session rates are slightly higher per hour.

Why not use this time to make the difference of a lifetime for your child? Join one of Minds-in-Motion upcoming sessions that’s as beneficial as it is fun.

Each student will work closely with a development specialist to complete each protocol in a group setting. Students will benefit from the cognitive development required to perform tasks involving both hemispheres of the brain.

Need more information about our program? Attend a Parent Information Session offered each month.