Minds-in-Motion is an outstanding program!

Wendy C. Daly, MD Brownsboro Park Pediatrics, Louisville, KY

overcoming reading challenges

Minds-in-Motion is an outstanding program! Using a variety of techniques to measure, stimulate and enhance the body’s own vestibular, auditory and visual abilities – they can unlock potential in both children and adults.


I have personally seen positive results in my patients.  Here are some examples:

  • An 8 yr old was able to advance 2 levels in reading this fall after attending the MiM program last summer.
  • A 4 yr old with autism now makes better eye contact, has developed speech and is less irritable after starting MiM.
  • A struggling college student is using the MiM program to achieve the academic results necessary for success in a chosen field.

I recommend the MiM program to my families because I know it works!!

Wendy C. Daly, MD

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