January 23rd is National Handwriting Day

Celebrate the Day!

January 23rd is National Handwriting Day, the birthday of John Hancock writer of the most famous signature in America.

Celebrate that you are able to write by hand!  Hand write a note to a friend, family member or colleague.

Did you forget to contact someone during the holiday season?  Today is a great opportunity to hand write a short note to them.

Realize while you are writing:

Handwriting is one of the most complex skills human beings are able to accomplish.  Chimps were able to master using an ipad in 30 minutes.


– According to research done by Dr. Karin Harman James, more adult-like brain connections are formed when young children write by hand.  These connections are not formed when children use a keyboard.


If you can’t write in cursive, you are also unable to read anything written in cursive.  Today we have many younger teachers who are not able to read cursive handwriting.


– The Latin based language countries (60% of world population) still honor cursive writing and ensure that their students are proficient in it. That’s our competition for jobs in the future global marketplace.


–  Handwriting helps to keep your brain sharp!


Happy Handwriting,

Iris Hatfield, Handwriting Coach
Author, New American Cursive
Penmanship Program

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