Gracie’s Story Could Be Your Child’s Story!

A Mother's Journey & Real Hope for Others

“LIFE CHANGING! There is no other way to describe how Minds-in-Motion has affected our daughter other than simply stating it has changed her life!


From a very early age, our daughter has been what most would consider to be a handful. Sleep struggles, attention struggles – she had:

– An attention span of less than a gnat
– Overly vocal
– Unable to “remember” a list of things or instructions
– A lack of coordination
– At 7 years unable to do 5 successful jumping jacks or a simple bounce pass
– A complete disdain for reading

The list goes on and on.


But Gracie is SMART.

She is one of the most kind, compassionate, generous children I know. And yet, she was exhausting…


We Don’t Believe in Medicating the Problem
Neither my husband nor I are believers in medicating children. We believe discovering the root cause of issues (non-life threatening, of course!) is the way to go – and address from there.

It had been strongly suggested by her school that we seek medical attention for her. We were adamant and steadfast in our decision to not medicate her, but to exhaust all avenues and resources in an attempt to provide her with the solution, not what we felt to be a band-aid, to her struggles.


Introduced to Minds-in-Motion
Enter Minds-in-Motion. Going to the parent informational meeting completely sold us on Minds-in-Motion!

That very first night, we KNEW we had found what our daughter needed!

Candace and her staff were so incredibly wonderful with our daughter.


Eye Tracking Exercise Was a Defining Moment
The defining moment for us was when Candace performed the eye tracking exercise with our daughter.

While it took her a moment to focus on the pen Candace held in front of her, shortly into the exercise, we saw that her left eye kept following the pen, while her right eye spontaneously shot off to the right!

Never in my life had I ever seen anything like that.

At that very moment, I knew EXACTLY why my bright, beautiful, 7-year old could not “focus” at school – or at anything that required any length of “focusing”. She did not possess the ability!

FINALLY! We knew right in that moment that our daughter’s life was about to change!


Dedicated to Giving this Program a Chance
We made the decision to dedicate ourselves and make the necessary adjustments to our lives in order to enroll our daughter in one of the intensive summer camps.

On the car ride home the afternoon of the first day, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I sensed a change in our daughter. My husband thought I was crazy when I expressed that to him.

But by day three, he, too, stated he sensed a change. At that point, the only thing either of us could say to describe the change we noticed was that she possessed a certain “peace” that neither of us had ever sensed with her before.


The First Week
It sounds odd, I know, but it’s exactly what we felt. That first week of Minds-in-Motion saw our daughter actually sleep through the night every single night! She woke up HAPPY!

Being nearly 8 years old, neither of these two scenarios ever existed before. The only thing different in her life was the addition of Minds-in-Motion.


Mid-Way Through the Program
By mid-way through the program, on a car ride home one afternoon, I asked her how she was feeling.

I asked her how things in her head felt – as she had previously been seen pounding her fist to her head saying “Come on, Gracie, think!” (Heartbreaking to witness, I must say).

However, after asking her that question mid-way through the program, my beautiful 7 year-old looked me in the eye and said, “Mommy, my brain feels balanced.”

Words cannot describe what it meant to hear that.

And to this day, I struggle to contain my emotions when I think back to that moment. Her life has truly been changed!


Eye Tracking Was a Real Challenge
In the first couple of weeks of Minds-in-Motion, Gracie struggled to do the eye exercise homework.

After seeing Candace perform the eye-tracking test, I decided that I wanted to video my daughter doing some of the eye exercises. And let me tell you, the first couple nights were a struggle!

Gracie could not track for more than a few seconds before she was crying – stating that her right eye hurt. It broke my heart – but I knew that the exercise was going to benefit her.

After much coaxing (and maybe a little bribing…), I got her to push through the exercises.

Towards the end of the program, Gracie was asking me to video her doing the tracking exercise!

She would spontaneously say “Mommy, watch this!” as she would use her finger to track. She saw and felt the benefit of the exercise!


The Transformation
At the end of the 4 weeks, my husband and I could not believe the transformation that we saw with our daughter. (She did 50 perfect jumping jacks that last night!)

It is truly hard to describe, as there are so many emotions tied to it.


End of Program Meeting
The day we went for the final summary was emotionally bittersweet for us.

Gracie was sad that her time was coming to an end. My husband and I were sad, to say the least, to see this particular chapter end. We wanted MORE!!

I could not make it through the “discharge meeting” with Candace and Mr. Matt without being a blubbering idiot!



A mother was there that same day with her young son – who reminded me quite a bit of my Gracie. I could see and feel her emotions.

All I could tell her was that I understood and prayed that she would enroll her son in this program – that it would change his life in ways that she could not begin to comprehend.


Final Thoughts
In closing, the words THANK YOU just seem so inadequate. My entire family is forever grateful.

We like to believe that Minds-in-Motion has “unleashed the beast” in our daughter.

Her days of struggling are coming to an end.


We have changed our life and have become a Minds-in-Motion family!

We have implemented the MAZE in our home!

We are hopeful that our school system will implement the MAZE, as well. EVERY child can and will benefit from this program!

The depths of gratitude our family has for Candace and her staff are immeasurable. We will forever hold a special spot in our hearts for them! They have changed OUR life for the better!


The sky is the limit now!!”

Angie Murphy
Denver, Indiana

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