Going to Sleep and Staying Asleep are Common Challenges for Children with ADD & ADHD

Check Out This Promising New Solution

Minds-in-Motion was delighted to meet RICK FEINGOLD from Chicago recently.

He traveled down to demonstrate his unique creation: A mattress/bed that uses what he refers to as “Sound to Sleep Resonators”.

These state-of-the-art acoustic resonators are embedded in either the mattress or foundation and transmit gentle sound waves through the sleep surface.

Unlike traditional speakers, Feingold’s Sound to Sleep Resonators are specifically designed to maximize your ability to feel the music.

In early trials, every child on the autism spectrum immediately improved his/her ability to go to sleep quickly and stay asleep!

Clinical trials will start soon at the Cleveland Clinic.

The Minds-in-Motion staff tried it out and found it was awesome!!  The binaural beats immediately relax your body all over and feels heavenly.

What an incredible invention!

We are excited about how it might help children with ADD & ADHD relax and fall asleep more easily.

Rick explained that clinical trials are also going on in Bethesda, MD for effectiveness with soldiers with PTSD.

We wish Rick and his company the best success with this incredible discovery.

Check this out at AutismSleeps.com.

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