Father and Son See Awesome Benefit Minds-in-Motion Can Bring

Turn an ADD & ODD diagnoses around

“THANK YOU, Candace, for your years of love, research and dedication.

Because of you, and the blessing of our family first-hand experiencing the greatness that is Minds-in Motion (by attending a summer session at the center), I share this story with you.

I will always advocate for Minds-in-Motion and the great need to have it implemented into EVERY school system!

Our children (and their families and teachers) have absolutely everything to gain. The Murphy family remains forever indebted to you.

After Christmas, I had a parent reach out to me wanting to know more about MIM.

His 5 year old was really struggling – ADD & ODD diagnoses. Child was seeing a psychiatrist, psychologist and also had a home-based therapist.

What I was able to witness with this child is that he had virtually no depth perception. He could not maneuver a set of stairs without holding on for dear life. He could not crosswalk; he had no bilateral abilities.

His eyes could not follow a pencil that was being moved in front of him. His eye muscles were so weak, they were not able to “team” and work together. Dad saw all I tried to get son to do. Dad, just like we did, immediately understood WHY his boy was struggling!

Dad, overwhelmed, felt as if he finally knew he was going to be able to REALLY help his son!

Talked to dad today. Son is no longer getting into trouble at school! Son is actually getting good daily comments from his teacher! In-home counselor, who was considering boy to be high risk, is now recommending less in-home therapy and no longer considers boy to be high risk! All this from less than 2 months of Dad doing Minds-in-Motion at home!!

Dad knows son still has a long way to go. But to hear this dad laugh and giggle with joy today sharing their victories, absolutely warmed my heart.

Dad now understands MY passion (obsession?) for Minds-in-Motion and mentioned himself that it needs to be everywhere!

Angie Murphy
Minds-in-Motion Parent

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