Family Thanks Minds-in-Motion for “Saving Jacob’s Life”

Getting the Answers We Needed

Jacob (12 yrs old) has certainly enjoyed coming to Minds-in-Motion.

We all can tell major differences in this young man. This program truly works and was an answer to our prayers!

I just want to thank Candace, Carol, and all of your staff for touching Jacob’s life; words just cannot express the gratitude we have for saving Jacob’s life.

We – as his Parent & Grand Parents – knew he had troubles, but until we found Minds-in-Motion we had no clue how hard life was for this young man.

I referred to it as “saving his life” because Minds-in-Motion was able to first explain to us that Jacob was living a different life than we understood.

Next, you & your staff were able to reach him and help in ways we never knew were available.

Jacob’s school grades have improved; he now enjoys going to school, and he doesn’t have his breakdowns.

Jacob has become a strong, confident young man, and we have all of you at Minds-in-Motion to thank for that.

If there is ever anything I can do to help in the growth of your program in the future, please let me know.

If parents are unsure & want to talk with previous participants – I would be glad to share our experience first-hand.

I believe the United States needs many, many more of these programs to reach out to children and adults.

I believe in Minds-in-Motion and your entire staff.

So again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all!

With blessings,
Jim Prather Sr.
Jacob’s Grandfather
Louisville, KY

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