Evansville Schools Enjoy Benefits of MiM Maze!

See the Maze in Action

The Minds-in-Motion staff is overjoyed to learn of the successful adoption of the Minds-in-Motion Maze by the Evansville, Indiana public school system.


In addition, they have also incorporated additional movement curriculum ideas in their classrooms.

Amy Maxheimer, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, has also provided us with exciting endeavors the schools are incorporating:

  • Teachers are having students sit on rotation boards or a rocking boards while silent reading
  • Several classrooms are sitting on therapy balls during class
  • Classrooms are utilizing a bag of “fidgets” and bands to use in the halls during transitions
  • Older students are also getting to participate as we begin to incorporate MIM ideas for the older classes during their reading time

Amy and the staff are excited to share this video of kindergarteners just learning the Maze.

  • Amy acknowledges (in this video) they had not yet mastered the “cross-walk” – instead, they begin the children off with a “high-march.”
  • Amy also shared they added a back-bend over a bolster that was not filmed.


Amy Maxheimer also provided us with this additional feedback:

It is so exciting to work with a principal (at Evans School) who is so invested in this endeavor. I am diligently getting Minds-in-Motion to most of the schools in the EVSC (Evansville).

We are thrilled to put the video on the website and share it with other teachers.

People are calling me the “Minds-in-Motion” lady and I am PROUD of it. Getting this program out into the schools has cut down on our Occupational Therapy referrals!

Thanks for all your work and enthusiasm, it inspires me!

Amy Maxheimer
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Evansville Vanderburgh County School System


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