Adult Sessions (18+)

What This Program Includes:

Minds-in-Motion is perfect for learners of all ages – even adults. Get ready to rejuvenate your brain and your body through a series of exercises and activities designed to boost your vestibular system and other critical body and brain functionality. Our exercises may seem unusual, but the benefits are unmistakable. Ready to see what’s possible for you?

Balance Training

  • Develops full body coordination and postural awareness
  • Expands visual focus and attention span
  • Activates both hemispheres of the brain

Core Strength Development

  • Develops core muscles
  • Refines gross motor skills
  • Increases motor planning abilities

Auditory Therapy

  • Experience the benefits of electronically modified music
  • Naturally triggers the areas of the brain involved in regulating body functions, relating to others, and organizing behavior
  • Stimulates self-organizing capacities of the nervous system
  • Intensifies and improves the brain’s ability to focus, cope with anxiety, and regulate energy levels

Vestibular Circuit Training

  • Promotes sensory/motor integration through complex movements

Power Plate

  • Stimulates sense of balance, muscle tone, bone density – all while increasing HGH Human Growth Hormone and reducing cortisol levels in the brain

Neurocom Therapy

  • Increases motor planning abilities, as well as balance and postural abilities

Each program is made up of a one-hour session per day (divided between gym, balance room and the vestibular room).

Getting Assessed:

Before you select a class, we require that you take an assessment with us. The prices below include pre and post-program assessments.

  • Comprehensive $250

Comprehensive Assessment includes:

  • Visual Skills
  • NeuroCom Posturography (Clinical Balance Test) “Astronaut Test”
  • Auditory Processing Skills
  • Sensory / Motor survey
  • Pitch Discrimination

Come join us for a presentation of the clinical research behind Minds-in-Motion and for a tour of our facility.

*A $180 damage deposit is also required, but is refundable if all equipment is returned in proper condition.

**Clients with Pacemakers may not do therapy on the Power Plates. Clients with artificial hips, knees, etc. must have doctors’ permission to participate in Power Plate therapy.

Types of Sessions:

Group Sessions

$399 per month (1 hour/day X 3 days/week)
$80 fee for monthly Therapeutic Listening equipment rental.

With a 3-month commitment, pre and post assessments are free.

Private Sessions

$75 per hour
$399 per month ( 1 hour/day X 3 days/week)
$80 fee for Therapeutic Listening equipment rental.

With a 3-month commitment, pre and post assessments are free.

Couples get 10% off the second one’s fees.