10 Signs Your Child is Struggling Too Much

Your Child is Not Alone

HERE ARE THE TOP 10 ISSUES, FRUSTRATIONS OR BEHAVIORS that ultimately lead parents to bring their child to our Mind-in-Motion center.

Do any of these match your child?

  1. Struggles with schoolwork
  2. Lack of concentration and focus
  3. Hyper! Can’t stop moving
  4. Frustrated at school or at home
  5. Frequent melt-downs
  6. Talks too loudly
  7. Trouble sleeping, eating, or bathroom issues
  8. Struggles with social interactions
  9. Scared to try new things or make transitions
  10. Can’t pay attention or struggles to remember things

MINDS-IN-MOTION unlocks potential and observes:

  • Straight “A” students that are no longer socially awkward
  • ADHD children who no longer have to rely on medications to calm them down
  • Children who no longer struggle to read
  • Once frustrated students who love going to school for the first time!
  • Preschoolers who stop having “melt downs” every day
  • Autistic children who have “lost” their diagnostic label
  • Elementary students who start riding a bicycle for the first time in their lives
  • More joyful children because anxiety levels have measurably decreased

These amazing results allow Minds-in-Motion to say with confidence that our research-validated program truly works. It unlocks potential. It changes lives – not temporarily – but for a lifetime!.

Would you like to learn more about the impact a Minds-in-Motion center could have in the life of your child – and the relationship you have with your child? Please allow us to explain our story.

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